These S40 panels are designed to be used with Four_Two and Ahrend 500 workplaces. For separating and improving the privacy of the users. This panel can also be equipped on both sides with an organisation rail for mounting various accessories such as trays and monitor arms. The S40 panel is made in perforated steel and has an internal acoustic foam padding that will help to improve the ergonomic environment.


Lieke van Gool

Lieke van Gool was born in 1977. After completing secondary school (Dutch VWO level: pre-university education) she was admitted to the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where she graduated in 2001, specialising in the field of "Man and Activity". She has been employed as a designer at Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode bv since 2004.



  • Width: 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Thick: 4 cm (40mm)
  • Top of screen: 108 cm


  • Panel made in perforated steel, powder coated in standard Ahrend colours
  • Fit with an internal acoustic foam padding
  • Attached to the duo-feet with a black painted steel frame
  • Easy to mount
  • Sound absorbing panels all around
  • Support-set for duo-table Four_Two and A500


  • Organisation rail on both sides
  • Selection of support depends on the choice of duo-table legs (Open leg, slab-leg in steeln slab-leg in Melaboard)
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